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Nowadays, more and more private and important information is stored in online accounts protected by passwords: online dating records, medical insurance, deposits. If someone else gets your password, he will be able to perform any operation with your account. So it is a good habit to log in to your account from secure information:

MyERAS – Association of American Medical Colleges


MyERASAssociation of American Medical Colleges

OneAAMC – Association of American Medical Colleges


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MyERAS Application for Fellowship Applicants | AAMC

  • You do not have to complete the entire application at one time and it can be complete in any order that works best for you. For details, please see the Application section of the MyERAS user guide. MyERAS does not allow you to customize or personalize their MyERAS application for individual programs. You only have one MyERAS application that will be sent to all programs applied to in MyERAS. 1. You may customize your application for individual programs or groups of programs in the same specialties using …

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  • Register for MyERAS for Residency | AAMC


    Register for MyERAS for Residency How to identify your Designated Dean’s Office and get your ERAS token. To access MyERAS, first contact your Designated Dean’s Office; they will issue you an ERAS token, which is a one-time access code used to register on MyERAS.

    Registering for MyERAS | AAMC


    Jun 06, 2019 · To access MyERAS, first contact the ERAS Fellowships Documents Office (EFDO); they will issue you an ERAS token, which is a one-time access code used to register on MyERAS.

    ERAS® for Institutions | AAMC


    The Electronic Residency Application Service ® (ERAS ®) streamlines the residency application process for applicants, their Designated Dean’s Offices, Letter of Recommendation authors, and program directors.. ERAS ® includes individual-but-connected applications developed to serve the needs of each user group involved in the application process and provide impartial, confidential …

    Residency Programs in MyERAS | AAMC


    Residency Programs in MyERAS. Find out how to search for, save, and apply to residency programs in MyERAS. In MyERAS, the Programs tab is where you will search, save, and apply to programs. This is also where you assign documents, manage selections, and track the status of your documents by programs applied to.

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