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Watchfire Ignite OPx Software – Watchfire Signs | Digital …

Ignite OPx is Watchfire’s cloud-based, content management software that runs on any platform with a browser, including a Mac. Built with powerful media tools and advanced customization options, Ignite OPx makes it easy for anyone to create custom content and schedule updates to their sign from anywhere at any time.

Ignite OPx: Editor Overview – Watchfire Signs | Digital …

The cloud-based Ignite OPx editor eliminates the need for additional graphics editing software, giving sign operators an easy way to create custom text and image messages and position them precisely for display.. Ignite OPx can be used to create and schedule content on any size and number of signs, including a network of LED indoor and outdoor screens.

3. Sending messages and schedules to your Watchfire sign. Ignite software comes with a large library of professionally designed EasyArt, including graphics, animations and video clips. This outstanding art collection, available exclusively to Watchfire sign owners, will bring added attention to your sign, making your business stand out.

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If you have a scheduled software training session, you will receive your session key from the Software Trainer shortly after the training begins. For troubleshooting session, the Technician on the call or chat will provide you a session key. Enter the session key below then click Submit. Follow the installation prompts based on the browser you …

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