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terminal – oh-my-zsh very slow (load time about 10 seconds …


May 06, 2010 · The default zsh provided by mac is at /usr/bin/zsh and might be using an older version like 5.2 which can cause slow speed when used with iTerm or oh-my-zsh. To make pasting in zsh fast, execute the below command in the terminal. mkdir -p $ZSH_CUSTOM/lib && touch $ZSH_CUSTOM/lib/misc.zsh Point 2 should already take care of slow login times. But just for safety …

terminal – oh-my-zsh’s prompt is slow: how to fix this …


Feb 05, 2020 · I had the same issue with it, and it was also the git_prompt_info which causes the shell to slow down. Be aware, that some oh-my-zsh themes use the git plugin sort of "hard coded" in their propmpts. So consider one from the list you can get with this command grep –files-without-match "git" ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/*

Speeding up zsh and Oh-My-Zsh | JonLuca’s Blog

  • Before we begin, it might be helpful to understand how shells in general start up. Shells are just an executable like any other on your machine – their purpose is to just take user input and behave like an old terminal. They have predefined control sequences, but in general are fairly extensible. The following is from ZSH man pages: The following files are read: This gives a general flow of execution, and where zsh starts. My .zshrc leads to sourceing a few other files, which just behaves as if the contents of those file…

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  • oh-my-zsh slow, but only for certain Git repo – Stack Overflow


    Oct 06, 2012 · Oh_my_zsh seems to be slow for some repos because it checks the status of the repo after each command. This behaviour can be overridden in the new version of .oh_my_zsh . Just Uncomment the following line in .zshrc: DISABLE_UNTRACKED_FILES_DIRTY="true" After this, restart your terminal or run the following: source ~/.zshrc

    Speeding Up My Shell (Oh My Zsh) · Matthew J. Clemente

    • I’m on a Mac, using iTerm2 with Oh My Zsh, which seems to be a fairly common setup. Over the course of years and software projects, I’ve hooked a handful of tools into my shell’s startup/config, including: 1. nvm 2. rbenv 3. jenv 4. jabba 5. direnv I’ve also installed a number of plugins for zsh; when I started investigating what was slowing down my shell, my plugin list was: git, zsh-autosuggestions, npm, docker, docker-compose, doctl, and terraform. So, at the start of this, my shell load time was: 1.35 seconds. Fir…

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  • zsh – What does "Login shell" do? – Super User


    There is an option choosing the default behavior: If I chose "Login shell", it will prompt Last login: Fri Mar 24 17:27:28 on ttys007 (left side below); if I chose "zsh", it won’t prompt anything and launch time is very fast (right side below). The default shell I use is zsh, I wonder what’s happening inside "login shell" and why it is so slow compared to pure zsh.

    oh-my-zsh very slow 🙁 · Issue #5327 · ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh …


    Aug 20, 2016 · Hello, I’m new to zsh/oh-my-zsh and installed it the first time on Mac OS X today. My Terminal (iTerm2 and default Mac-Terminal) starts very slow now – I have a real "waiting" time after opening App. Inside the Terminal it’s better but also compared to "default bash" – slow.

    A comprehensive guide to fixing slow SSH logins – JRS …


    Jul 01, 2017 · The debug text that brought you here. Most of you are probably getting here just from frustratedly googling “slow ssh login”. Those of you who got a little froggier and tried doing an ssh -vv to get lots of debug output saw things hanging at debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received, likely for long enough that you assumed the entire process was hung and ctrl-C’d out.

    Very slow on wsl2 · Issue #548 · zsh-users/zsh …


    $ zprof num calls time self name —– 1) 8 8.01 1.00 43.44% 4.59 0.57 24.88% _zsh_highlight 2) 1 2.10 2.10 11.38% 2.10 2.10 11.38% _z_precmd 3) 2 2.17 1.08 11.75% 1.46 0.73 7.90% _zsh_highlight_main_highlighter_highlight_list 4) 8 10.11 1.26 54.84% 1.44 0.18 7.83% _zsh_highlight_call_widget 5) 5 10.07 2.01 54.58% 1.10 0.22 5.97% _zsh

    rhel – Authentication very slow (both with ssh and su …


    My way to debug this issue: 1. login as problem user 2. invoke "bash —login –verbose" 3. Find out line, which stops the executions 4. Find this line in one file from /etc/profile.d/. As you get the slow down after login, technically, you need to check what can happen between login and the first shell prompt.

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