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Nowadays, more and more private and important information is stored in online accounts protected by passwords: online dating records, medical insurance, deposits. If someone else gets your password, he will be able to perform any operation with your account. So it is a good habit to log in to your account from secure information:

Zycus Supplier Network


You can log in on the Zycus Supplier Network using the Email Address and Password used at the time of creating the Account. It is suggested that you complete your …

Supplier Network – Zycus


Zycus Supplier Enablement Process Supplier enablement is still one of the top three challenges for procurement professionals looking to automate procurement processes and drive bottom line savings. Zycus understands the challenges which Supplier Enablement poses for buying organizations and works with the suppliers to ensure seamless …

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Oct 19, 2010 · An organically built Source-To-Pay Software Suite that is critically acclaimed by leaders for its innovation, value addition to business, and ease of use. Exceptional visibility and transparency across all transactions. Greater control over the invoicing process and accurate payments.

Zycus Supplier Network


ZSN uses forms to generate e-mails, which are then used to submit registration information, inquiries and other business processes. Upon registration the Suppliers become valid members of Zycus Supplier network. On ZSN, each Supplier is assigned one login IDs and password that will enable such Suppliers to access the Supplier Network.


P a g e 1 | 4 Zycus Operational Supplier Log-In – JEA Help Guide OPERATIONAL SUPPLIER An Operational Supplier is a supplier that is currently doing business with JEA and has been set up within the Oracle system. These suppliers were automatically integrated/added to the Zycus system.



Toll free numbers. Country Specific Numbers. North America – 1-800-892-6750 / 1-800-409-3507 International – 00-800-9928-7111 / 00-800-0936-7000. Country Specific Numbers. Please contact us on the number applicable for your country.

Zycus Supplier Network


On ZSN, each registered Supplier is assigned one login IDs and password that will enable such Suppliers to access the Supplier Network.

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You might have de-normalized supplier data due to inaccurate, incomplete and obsolete supplier records; With Zycus‘ robust Supplier Management software modules, iPerform and iSupplier, we assure you this will not happen. We help you measure supplier performance collaboratively and store everything related to all your suppliers in a single place.

Polaris Supplier Information Portal


Registration Guide for Direct Suppliers Registration Guide for Indirect / MRO Suppliers. 2.Begin registration process in Zycus Supplier Network. Register/Login Here . 3. When a Polaris business need has been determined, a sourcing representative will provide further instructions and request the completion of your Supplier Profile.

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JEA’s Zycus Platform is Here. JEA Procurement introduces Zycus, a cloud-based solution for Procurement E-Sourcing and Contract Management. The new solution will allow JEA to streamline workflow processes; improve contract management and document control, supplier interaction and participation, and vendor performance evaluations; and realize new savings and analytics opportunities.

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